AMENPAPA FW18 Collection

Perfect love casts out fear

Fear is a liar.

Stealing your identity, killing your joy, destroying your dreams.

Win the battle in your mind! Cast your fear in the fire of love, for perfect love casts out fear!

AMENPAPA SS18 Collection

Goodnight my flesh, awake my soul.

Dreams, window to the subconscious, bypass our walls of defense and reveal the heart. Though our flesh is at rest at night, our spirit is awake. Dreams can be warnings. Dreams can be God’s voice. An uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter. Now it’s time to open them!

Goodnight, let’s talk in my dream!


AMENPAPA FW17 Collection

Love You At Your Darkest

This season, AMENPAPA drawn its inspiration from the most iconic story of the Genesis - the Fall of Adam and Eve. The theme message “Love you at your Darkest”, depicts a story of Shame and unfailing Love. An entire setting of Eden was recreated with floral digital prints and animal pattern and narrated in three stages: The Garden, the Fall and the Exit of Eden.