AMENPAPA FW17 Collection

Love You At Your Darkest

This season, AMENPAPA drawn its inspiration from the most iconic story of the Genesis - the Fall of Adam and Eve. The theme message “Love you at your Darkest”, depicts a story of Shame and unfailing Love. An entire setting of Eden was recreated with floral digital prints and animal pattern and narrated in three stages: The Garden, the Fall and the Exit of Eden.

AMENPAPA SS17 Collection

The Rainbow Covenant

This season, the inspiration behind the collection was from the origin of the world’s very first rainbow in Genesis.

Staying true to our motto of creating spiritual fashion, we made sure that each piece is laden with references originated from the Bible but interpreted in a relevant manner that speaks to the generation; about Hope and Love and Miracles that we took for granted.[...]


AMENPAPA FW16 Collection

Love Languages

Many people like to play online psychology quizzes or study horoscope as they want to know more about themselves, or people they care.

If you are one of them, have you tried a test that can enhance your communication skills and interpersonal relationships?

Gary Chapman, a Christian author who wrote the book “The 5 Love Languages” suggested that love between any kinds of relationships can be experienced in 5 ways [...]

AMENPAPA SS16 Collection

Today I choose happy

Using fashion as a canvas, AMENPAPA SS16 seasonal theme "Today I choose happy" is definitely your choice in this spring summer!

Our SS16 collection is mainly in pastel tone which is perfect for spring and summer, giving an impression of being warm, energetic and cheerful! Another highlight of the collection is that we delicately used different materials to create 3D effect for the attachments, eg. Beading, sequins and the badges to enrich the designs and make your outfits stand out from the crowd.

AMENPAPA FW15 Collection


Back in the days of youth, I love singing “There can be miracles when you believe” along with Mariah Carey.

[A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway.]

We used to believe that life is full of miracles. However, as time goes by, we get drown by disappointments, becoming the worn-out grumblers who keep saying: “No, this is not gonna work” or “It’s impossible, forget it!” (Sound familiar?) [...]